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Initial chat to understand your teams goals, short term & long term. Allows us to better understand how we can help you achieve your goals and set expectations on how we can help.Bring your stats to this initial chat. Let us understand your $ sold per month, close rates, sales cycle length, # of reps, churn rate, and average deal size


We don't take on every client that comes our way.If we don't believe a client has the capacity to grow, we’ll make that clear and provide feedback before parting ways.Our goal is to provide immediate impact. If we align, we'll proceed forward.


This is where our expertise in Sales Implementation comes into play.Based on the Expectations & Goals we've set together, we'll begin to put together a Playbook to optimize your Sales org.While actively building towards your goals.

performance based sales teams


Time to get to work. Planning is nothing without execution. This is where we implement our Playbook from the top-down and begin to re-vamp or complement your current sales structure by embedding our Playbook into your business.Social Proof from some of our Biggest Creators on IG - We've closed over $1.1M in < 60 days

dfy sales management/optimization

Outsourced Sales Teams

Fixed % of Sales

We manage, train, up-skill & develop your current Sales reps while integrating our trained reps into your current Sales Process. Expect weekly 1:1's and SOP's for your team to follow.

  • Closers/Appointment Setters

  • Strategy & Guidance

  • Sales Script Optimization

  • Outsource your Sales Engine

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